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Our programs extend the range of online, face to face, 1:1, and group coaching programs, with over 400 business education workshops and training. Since our inception in Trinidad and Tobago in 2016, we have successfully worked with strategic alliances, and over 300 small and medium enterprises.

adding zeros

A successful business is one that is sustainable, predictable, stable, consistent, and has an emotional connection. 

To add zeros, we focus on the disciplines that create exponential growth and the constituencies the organization serves. We categorize the focus into Five Disciplines of Exponential Growth: Mission, Strategy, Business Development, People, and Execution.

The Adding Zeros core customers are CEOs or Leadership Teams, with a fast growing organization, passionate about both team and self-investment, driven towards a big vision of the future, and understands that the journey need not be taken alone.

Engage your ideal facilitator!

Proven, successful, experienced executive development coaches, facilitators or trainers who are energetic thought leaders, driven to have impact on organizations and team members, and understands that clarity and simplicity are power.

Believe in the POWER of leading from the HEART & be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Engage & Grow has a vision to create a globally engaged workforce, one employee at a time.

Born out of a passion for helping people thrive, we exist to reconnect employees.

We are passionate about this because no matter what industry you are in, people are the most important asset to any organisation.

We believe companies and leaders need to go beyond traditional training methods to truly engage with their employees.

Global statistics show that 85% of workforces are disengaged. This means they are doing less than or just what is expected. Levels of disengagement also means that 34% of a salary is wasted!

Leaders know that engaged workforces lead to:

  • 10% higher customer metrics
  • 20% higher sales
  • 17% higher productivity
  • 23% higher profitability

“Engage & Grow is not your traditional training company. Training is dead. We are challenging the norm and disrupting the market with everything we do.”

Richard Maloney – Engage & Grow Founder

Find out the best potential in your employees with ENGAGE & GROW – Employee Engagement Program


Engage & Grow has developed a survey that will immediately tell you how engaged your team is. Fill out the form to get access and once completed, you will be contacted with the next steps to launch the survey for your team/s.

Find out what Disengagement is really costing your organisation

This form gives a quote for how your organization is affected by the employees. The Gallup calculates that for every $100,000 of salary you pay an employee, you are losing $34,000. That’s 34%!

Use this calculator to submit your own data, and see the real impact Actively disengaged / Disengaged is having on your company.

Ensure that the figure entered for the disengaged employees represent the total of the disengaged and actively disengaged employees.

Let Us Help You

Reduce conflict

Increase Engagement

“Accelerate Your Insights

Don’t Leave it to chance.

Let the science guide you!”

Improve team dynamics

Figure out the reasons for, and combat low productivity, procrastination, and poor time management

DISC is an acronym and the letters D, I, S and C stand for:
D: Dominance I: Influence S: Steadiness C: Conscientiousness
Each letter represents one of the four basic behavioral styles (although DISC assessment results often reveal a combination of the letters, like Di or SC. Each style is associated with our primary natural behaviors.

DISC is an observable behavioral tool which measures and provides insight into four primary behavioral tendencies and emotions, and explores how these come together to either serve us, or reveal areas for improvement.


DISC works to improve teamwork, communication, and productivity. Many assessments to explore!

  • DISC Self
  • DISC Kids
  • DISC Leadership
  • HireSense
  • Sales IQ Plus
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Core Competencies
  • 5 Disciplines Assessment
  • Critical Thinking
  • DISC Leadership & Motivators


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