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Our Business Coaching Programs

In ActionCLUB, members work in a group setting with other business owners. This program educates on best business practices and teaches how to grow revenues and profits. ActionCLUB is a perfect way to learn about the coaching process before taking the step to one-to-one coaching.

ActionCLUB is a set program that will help you:
  • Achieve more by improving your priority setting and time management
  • Sales made simple
  • Define your unique selling proposition and turn into a powerful, competitive weapon
  • Dramatically increase your lead generation and conversion skills
  • Develop loyal, profitable customers who keep coming back
  • Differentiate between cash flow and profit margin
  • Hire, develop and retain the best people
  • Create systems that allow the business to run without you and the 6 steps to massive results

Create the Roadmap to Your Success. In reality, failure to plan is a plan to fail and for many business owners, who are caught up in the day to day of their business, finding time to plan for your business can seem impossible and finding the time to reflect on what’s working and what isn’t can be difficult.

Just one day to plan for success is a small price to pay for what you can get… By the end of this GrowthCLUB, you will have a clear picture of where your business will be in 90 days’ time and a step-by-step plan to get you there.

During this high energy day, you will:

  • Create a 90-day plan
  • Take control and get organized
  • Learn proven profit strategies

Most business owners are too concerned with working IN their business that they do not have time to work ON it and make real money. At this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of building a successful business model.

BusinessRICH is a 2-day group coaching workshop that teaches business owners real, workable strategies that generate REAL wealth. BusinessRICH is a “real world” workshop. You will learn the foundation of business knowledge required to outperform your competitors every time. It’s not just theory, it’s hands-on, hard hitting, business education that truly works!

ProfitCLUB is a great way to jumpstart the coaching process. ProfitCLUB consists of informal peer-to-peer networking and educational events during which clients become familiar with.

While meeting other business owners and learning strategies for their business.

PlanningCLUB is the newest group coaching programme from ActionCOACH. It is designed to help you work through the business planning process more simply, effectively and effortlessly than ever before.

It gives you a professional business plan (with action plans and strategies) specially developed for you. You not only get the benefit of a business building workshop, but ALSO the benefit of a comprehensive business plan you can take to investors or lenders.

SeminarCLUB encompasses over 200 workshops for teams or groups. These training sessions run the gamut in professional development. 

The focus is to teach professional skills as well as other aspects of everyday business.

Our AssessmentsONLINE tools are designed to improve many business function areas like streamline the hiring process, reduce turnover, build a great team

and customize training, as well as increase profits, sales and customer services. Gaining understanding into personalities, learning styles and behavioural traits makes managing business easier and more productive.

Red Belt Program
(12 weeks)

Our 12-step signature program is delivered in roughly 1 hour per week over 12 weeks. 

It provides outstanding results every time, as evidenced by our pre, mid and post program employee engagement surveys. Our program is guaranteed to transform your business culture! It’s designed to take the day-to-day pressures off the business owner/s and managers. Our Engagement Strategists will be there to manage and lead the entire process from start to finish.


Blue Belt Program
(6 Months)

Engagement is a fitness and like any fitness it requires a maintenance regime.

This program is designed to sustain the success developed in the Red Belt program. You have finished the sprint, now it’s time to lock the changes in, for the future growth of your business and people.

White Belt Workshop
(5 Hours)

This program is an impactful workshop for 5–35 employees.

It allows you and your team to ‘dip your toe in the water’ and experience the impact of the Engage & Grow experience. The workshop activates participants to act and think innovatively about the business.

Green Belt Program
(6 Weeks)

This 6 Step program is delivered in a one-hour session per week, over 6 weeks.

It is the foundation program, providing traction and momentum in your business by changing behaviours and creating more buy-in.

Black Belt Program
(12 Months)

This Master program takes your business to the next level.

You have an engaged, profitable and committed team, now what do you need to do to be Number 1 in your industry? We facilitate this long term and sustainable growth program so you can have the business of your dreams and not just a job!

Women's Program
(3,6 or 12 Months)

The Engagement & Leadership program for Women is designed to unite the workplace.

It is based on the Red Belt foundation program, providing traction and momentum in your business by empowering new thinking and create more buy-in.

(10 Weeks)

It will instantly create higher levels of engagement, more leaders, friendships and dissolve silo mentality plus much more. 

It’s all action and managed online. It is the foundation program, providing traction and momentum in your business by changing behaviours and creating more buy-in.

Sales Team Program
(12 Weeks)

This program is designed to captivate and entertain your key salespeople, whilst strategically developing new habits…

…and behaviours. Designed to take the day-to-day pressures off the business leaders.

Principals, Teachers & Pupils
(12 Weeks)

Our education industry program works with your leaders, staff members and students. 

It is based on the Red Belt signature program, providing traction and momentum in your school by empowering new thinking and create more buy-in.

Executive Coaching

Facilitating your strategic thinking and execution planning.

The goal is to bring clarity to leadership and management. If you desire an informed and experienced voice to stand with you through your strategic thinking, get stuck during your annual strategy sessions, get too caught up in the day-to-day to focus on short- and long-term goals you need our Executive Development process.

12-Week Programs

Real change must start at the top. Are you an executive…

…who wants to take your company to the next level? Do you want a more engaged staff, emotionally committed customers, and leadership that can execute and stay focused? The Adding Zero’s executive development programs on the 5 Disciplines will help you lay the groundwork for your company to add zeros.

5-Disciplines of Exponential Growth

You and your team of executives will receive an education…

…understanding, and an action plan for better serving the 5 Constituents every business must satisfy (Company, Customer, Team, Stakeholders, and the Community). Discipline in the areas of revenue, margin, profit, customer acquisition, customer retention, employee engagement, employee retention, and community involvement.

Discipline of Strategy

This 12-week program will guide executives on how to add zeros in the areas of organizational longevity and sustainability. 

Winning isn’t about today’s margin, profit, or revenue. It is about outlasting your competition long-term. The four areas of Strategy are Opportunity, Leverage, Scalability, and Marketability.

Discipline of Business Development

This 12-week program guides executives on how to add zeros and predictability in the areas of sales and customer retention. 

Predictability is the result of outstanding business development that attracts a specific audience that will buy your product and services again and again. The three areas of Business Development are: Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service.

Discipline of People

This 12-week program will give executives an education, understanding, and action plan on the areas of leadership…

…talent development, and recruitment. Executives will evaluate their current business condition in the discipline of People and create short term and long-term actions to advance stability and add zeros throughout the organization.

Discipline of Execution

Executives in this program will discover more about the process…

…management, and the financial controls needed to maintain consistency company-wide. Executives will evaluate their current business condition in this discipline and create short term and long-term actions to create more consistency in your company.

Discipline of Mission

Your company’s mission is not a statement on a plaque.

It is about your deeper values. It is about how we treat each other, treat our customers, and how we make decisions. And these values must be behaviourally based so everyone knows how to act every single.

Lammore Single Sales Principle

The Lammore Inc. Single Sales Principle program is a 13-week, certified, online sales training accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the International School of Management (ISM). 

The Principled Selling Series is the proven 21st century approach to client centric selling, endorsed by UK awarding body, The Institute of Sales Management and highly recommended by the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards. It is globally recognized and used by corporations such as Microsoft, Google, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Black and Decker, and the University of Leeds to name a few. The teaching methodology used over the 13-week period is the drip-feeding method, and using  automated content to create stronger learning retention for users. Testimonials from business owners and leaders who engaged in the training have found that within 6 months, they have seen a 30% increase in sales performance in one, or all of the following: top-line revenue increase, bottom-line improvement from less discounting or more qualified leads from faster conversion.