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Dr. Indira Couch

ActionEDGE helps you to create abundance through personal and organisational development.
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Melissa Pascal in Action Coach Testimonial

"I would like to thank ActionCOACH for their commitment, their passion and their time in helping businesses become a larger player within their space."
10 AUGUST 2019
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Reyad Ali in ActionCLUB Testimonial

"One of the things I learnt during ActionCLUB is that you don't need to do exceptional things for exceptional results-using Dr. Couch's 5 ways Technique."
17 SEP 2018
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Dr. Indira Couch

Engagement is a fitness and like any fitness it requires a maintenance regime. Our Engage & Grow Programme can help you keep your employees engaged.
06 JUNE 2020
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Actioncoach in

Your business is thriving. We can help you create more profits. ActionCOACH can help your business grow and prosper.
10 AUGUST 2018

About ActionEDGE

Creating Abundance and Growing Businesses in Trinidad and Tobago since 2016

About ActionCOACH Trinidad and Tobago

ActionEDGE is a proud firm of business coaches based in Trinidad and Tobago. We are led by our vision to create abundance, to be the exception and to deliver and sustain long-lasting positive change. Our 6 points of culture (Abundance, Innovation, Discipline, Agility, Resilience and Commitment) keep us connected to our vision, and we work with individuals and organizations to build stronger teams, make more profit and work smarter.  We are confident in our ability to do this as we have access to proven, guaranteed, world renowned systems, tools, processes and methodologies.  Our business development products and services are of the highest quality, value for money and whether sourced internally or externally, will always add the most value and use the latest and most effective training methodologies available. Know more of our Services.

Our clients are small, medium or large in size. They are leaders of companies that are forward thinking, passionate about continuous learning and growth and invest in themselves and their teams. They are committed to people and organizational development and recognize that optimal results cannot be achieved alone.

Our major programme offering is ActionCOACH business coaching services: the world’s number one business coaching franchise, based on a winning formula of  “6 steps to creating a better business”. For over 25 years the company has been working with business leaders and executives in over 80 countries, to create commercial profitable enterprises that run successfully without them. Our business education/training is built on the foundation of 1) ‘edutainment’, having fun while learning 2) distributed models of learning utilizing online and multi media tools 3) facilitated discussions and others teaching others and 4) personalized assignments and implementing learnings by doing.

Our ActionCOACH partner Engage and Grow, supports us with our Team Activation Engagement, Leadership, Communication and Culture programmes. This is based on the 6 steps to Employee Engagement to create globally engaged work forces.  These tried and tested, personalized leadership and employee engagement programmes transforms leaders to becoming accomplished, stress-free and intuitive; and disengaged teams into high performing and actively engaged.  It is one of the most  successful employee engagement programmes in the world and this is due largely to it break through methodology.

Our ActionCOACH partner Adding Zeros, supports us with our executive coaching offerings to mid-market and global businesses.  It is based on the 5 disciplines of exponential growth to create a business that is sustainable, predictable, stable, consistent and creates powerful emotional connections inside and outside the company.

All of our business education workshops and training are facilitated online and / or face to face in small to medium groups. We currently offer over 400  modules, and we are the licensed providers of the Lammore Certified Sales training. Since our inception in Trinidad and Tobago in 2016, we have successfully worked with a range of strategic alliances, and over 300 small, medium and large enterprises.

Why We Exist?

We create abundance through personal and organizational development.

How do we do it?

By empowering leaders and business owners with information, skills,  tools, processes and methodologies, which will build their businesses and contribute to improving the quality of their lives, their teams and communities.

Our Services

Business Growth Coaching

Using the tools and resources of ActionCOACH, our Business Growth coaches, help entrepreneurs and owners overcome the challenges in maintaining and growing a successful business.

We coach our clients into ActionCOACH’s definition of a successful business which is:  “A Commercial Profitable Enterprise that can run without you IN it!”

Find the service that best suits your needs.

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Employee engagement training
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Leadership Development, Employee Engagement & Culture Coaching

In order to effectively sustain growth, productivity and profitability in a business we have to develop strong leadership at all levels in the organization – senior, middle, junior manager and supervisors.  As long as you have a group of people (a team) that you have to influence to achieve a defined outcome they will have to continuously develop their leadership skills

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